Final Frontier

Metaverse and blockchain gaming affords Final Frontier with opportunities to earn while playing games and generate methods to earn rewards from contributions by employing teamwork, strategy, and ethos.


Star Atlas Metaverse: North America

ZockerFRNT Zocker

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FRNT Token Issuance

There will be 1,000,000,000 FRNT tokens minted in aggregate. Distribution of supply will occur in multiple phases scheduled at different dates and for diverse purposes.

Allocation is as Follows:

  • Treasury — 132,500,000 (13% of total allocation)

  • Team — 150,000,000 (15% of total allocation)

  • Advisors — 17,500,000 (2% of total allocation)

  • Investors (Seed through public sale) — 250,000,000 (25% of total allocation)

  • Community — 450,000,000 (45% of total allocation)

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Distribution of Funds

Ultimately, the DAO will be responsible for the decisions regarding the distribution of funds from the treasury on an ongoing basis. Prior to the DAO being in place and sufficiently decentralized, the founding team have proposed the following distribution of funds based on the amount raised including projected funds from the token generation event. Funds raised will be distributed according to the figure to the right:

Distribution is as Follows:

  • Final Frontier Fund — 82%

  • Community/Operations — 7%

  • Technology/Tools — 6%

  • Management — 5%

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Initial Distribution Offering (IDO)

The Final Frontier IDO will be a fairness system launch where no investor is left behind. There is no required staking, launchpad token purchase, nor lotto required to participate. Instructions to get some FRNT tokens during the IDO are below:

How to Participate:

  • Download Phantom Wallet

  • Create a wallet address

  • Transfer Solana (SOL) from a centralized exchange (i.e. Coinbase) to the wallet and then convert it to USDC

  • Connect your phantom wallet on the IDO website once the countdown timer has become active

How it Works:

  • The IDO consists of two consecutive 24 hour phases:

  • Sale period: USDC may be deposited or withdrawn from the pool. FRNT price will fluctuate based on the size of the pool.

  • Grace period: USDC may only be withdrawn from the pool. FRNT price will only go down in this phase.

  • Afterwards, depositors can redeem an amount of FRNT tokens proportional to their share of the pool.

Timeline: January 15th 2022

  • Day 1 @ 4:00pm UTC: Sale period (deposit and withdrawals)

  • Day 2 @ 4:00pm UTC: Grace period (withdrawal only)

  • Day 3 @ 4:00am UTC: IDO ends

  • Day 3 @ 5:00am UTC: Tokens redeemable

For more details, visit: Economics Paper