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Welcome to our dungeon list for World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King! Throughout our adventure in Northrend, we will encounter some of the most intense dungeons filled with scourge forces ready to battle you to the death in order to protect their holds. This guild resource will provide you with insights about the Lich King’s evil deeds, exciting loot and challenges that will help you fulfill your journey to reach level 80. Every dungeon has level requirements, and specific item level requirements for their heroic versions, but you’ll always find players in-game or on Discord to help you complete each of them. We will cover several important bits of information for each dungeon and useful ways you can maneuver inside them for each dungeon in the game. Although it can seem daunting to face the scourge inside those dangerous places, we assure you that the reward is on par with the time spent on your journey through each and every single one of the dungeons you will find while adventuring in Northrend, each dungeon provides a good amount of experience and several powerful items that will ease your leveling experience. Gather your fellow Frontierians and show the world why we'll take over in WoTLK!

WotLK Dungeons by Level

Utgarde Keep

Utgarde Keep is one of the first dungeons available in Northrend to our adventurers, located in Howling Fjord in a citadel atop the cliffs. You will have to battle your way through waves of undeads and vrykul, make sure you do not pull too many packs of mobs because you will be easily overwhelmed. Furthermore you will have to battle the twisted vampiric prince Keleseth which resides inside, defeat a necromancer and his ally and lastly shame Ingvar the Plunderer in the eyes of the Lich King and put him into a deep rest.

The Nexus

In the Borean Tundra you can find a magical place named Coldarra, in this valley you will find the Nexus, a palace of vast magical power where ley-lines meet. It was declared the home of the blue Dragonflight by their aspect, Malygos. Inside the Nexus, you will battle remnants of a horde or alliance expedition, depending on your faction, numerous magical anomalies, fey beings infused with arcane magic, servants of the blue dragonflight, and lastly the great dragon Keristasza, entombed and imprisoned in the middle of the very palace. The dungeon itself does not have a linear path, you are free to choose your starting point, either by approach Ormorok first on the right side or going after the expedition to the left side, one thing is certain though, you will have to defeat all the other bosses before you can access the room where Keristrasza is imprisoned.


The once major settlement of the nerubians, Azjol-Nerub now lays in ruins, devastated by the scourge, you will find the entrance to this once mighty empire through The Pit of Narjun located in Dragonblight. You will have to battle a vast legion of nerubians while venturing through those catacombs, firstly defeating the Gatewatcher, then passing the gate descending further into the city. Once you venture forth you will find a giant spider assaulted by a small army of nerubians, you will have to aid them in defeating Hadronox in order to pass. Lastly, you will find yourself plunging through the depths in order to reach the fallen king of the nerubians, Anub’arak. The king can prove to be a challenge, if you do not watch your step, you might find yourself impaled by his mighty spikes.

Ahn’Kahet: The Old Kingdom

The old kingdom of Ahn’Kahet found in the same location as Azjol-Nerub, west of Dragonblight in The Pit of Narjun is home to many threats that our adventurers are going to face. The old kingdom spans a vast dimension, inhabited by both nerubians, cultits and eldritch horrors. The adventurers, upon entrance into the kingdom, will be met with a strong resistance from the nerubians guarding Elder Nadox, they will have to tread carefully or they will meet their sudden doom. Furthermore, they will find another vampiric prince just like in Utgarde Keep, which will test their resolve, after this encounter they will have to battle through ranks of cultists in order to defeat the Shadowseeker. After conquering the Twilight Cult inside Ahn’Kahet, our adventurers will be forced to face one ancient horror and servant to the old gods, the faceless Herald Volazj, players will have to be careful of his mind games else their minds will start perceiving allies as enemies.

Drak’Tharon Keep

Between the border of Grizzly Hills and Zul’Drak stands the mighty troll keep of Drak’Tharon, once a powerful hold of the troll empire, now it stands as a keep for the Lich King’s forces. Inside our adventurers will find corrupted trolls by the plague of undeath, firstly having to deal with the monstrosity Trollgore, battling through waves of undead minions. Afterwards, you will face the lich Novos in order to interrupt his dark ritual, his undead legion will descend from the stairs situated next to his dark ritual ready to defend him till they crumble. Having destroyed the lich our players will make their way unto a greener side of the dungeon, having to put King Dred to sleep in order to reach the top of the keep. Once the great beast is slain, your way will be open to the prophet, Tharon’ja is defended by a small force of trolls which you should not underestimate, but once you have dealt with them, the way to the flesh obsessed monster is only a few steps away.

The Violet Hold

The Violet Hold can be found in the neutral mage city of Dalaran, initially used in the third war, it now holds powerful criminals that await judgement or indefinite imprisonment. Our adventurers are called in to aid the guards due to the siege of the Blue Dragonflight upon the prison. The dungeon has a certain amount of randomness to it when it comes to what bosses you will encounter, no run will have the same combination of bosses except the last boss which is Cyanigosa, a true and faithful servant of Malygos. The players have to relieve the guards and stop the invasion, they will have special tools inside which can help them mitigate some of the waves of invaders but the rest of them they will have to face themselves.


The capital of the drakkari, Gundrak stands as their last hope in battling the scourge invasion, its location is in the western part of Zul’drak. You will find two entrances to this dungeon, one of them getting you to Slad’Ran and the other one to Moorabi, it does not matter which entrance you choose. After descending into the city of the drakkari, our adventurers will have to fight their way through the chaos ensued by the battle of the drakkari with the undead corrupted legions, in order to access Gal’Darah. The players will have to activate monuments after defeating the prior bosses in order to activate the bridge in the center.

Halls of Stone

The Halls of Stone is the first dungeon we will encounter in the Ulduar complex, located in the north part of Storm Peaks right in front of the great Ulduar, this dungeon describes some of the secrets of the makers and how the earthen are being corrupted into what we know as the Iron Dwarves. The entrance is on the left side of the Ulduar Complex, this dungeon does not have a specific way to its approach, you can start with either of the first three bosses, but you will need to complete the Tribunal of Ages encounter in order to reclaim some of the lost knowledge and have access to the Ironshapper. Throughout the dungeon you will fight waves of the maker’s corrupted creations and the corrupted earth elementals, the Maiden of Grief presents a fairly simple static fight while Krystallus might pose a threat to even the most battle-hardened veterans. After helping Brann uncover the secrets behind the Tribunal, Sjonnir will pose a challenging fight to our adventures, the fight itself seems pretty simple on its own but you must not underestimate the amount of damage that this iron-vrykul can inflict upon you and your teammates.

Halls of Lightning

Situated in the Ulduar Complex, on the right side of the complex, the Halls of Lightning are the home of the titan keeper Loken, initially a protector created by the pantheon, Loken was corrupted by the whispers of Yogg-Saron and is now responsible for a lot of the threats faced by our adventurers. Upon the entrance in the Halls of Lightning, the players have to deal with General Bjarngrim in order to open the way, after defeating the general the adventurers have to tread carefully through the halls filled with dangerous elementals in order to reach the Giant Smith, Volkhan, after bringing the giant’s downfall along with Ionar, the way to Loken is ready to be pursued. The way to Loken is filled with very dangerous Iron Vrykul and Iron Dwarves which need to be engaged with caution but once those threats have been moved aside, the Titan Keeper awaits.

The Culling of Stratholme

With the opening of another section of the Caverns of Time by Nozdormu, our adventurers will experience the infamous event that took place in Warcraft III, this being The Culling of Stratholme. We will accompany Prince Arthas through his hard choice of purging the Undeath Plague that took over Stratholme, fighting waves of undeads, dealing with the troublesome Infinite Dragonflight that tries to alter the events of the past and lastly chase Mal’ganis through the undead ravaged city. Our adventurers will have to keep a close eye on Prince Arthas, for if he is not tended to he might become overwhelmed by the vast army of undeads that took over the city.

The Oculus

The Oculus dungeon presents us the top of Malygos’s palace, inviting our adventures to proceed into a rescue mission searching for the imprisoned dragons from the other flights, meanwhile laying waste to Malygos’s minions’ plans. After rescuing the dragons the players will be able to choose which type of dragons they wish to mount in this assault, being awarded with three possible choices, the red dragonflight, the green dragonflight or the yellow dragonflight. After dealing with the Mage-Lord Urom, the adventures along with their new-found dragon friends will have to stop the Ley-Guardian Eregos from enacting his misdeeds.

Utgarde Pinnacle

Utgarde Pinnacle is the second dungeon found within Utgarde Keep atop of the cliffs of Howling Fjord. Within the dungeon our adventurers will find the troubled king Ymiron after seeing his story unfold in Icecrown. In the beginning of the dungeon we will find Yimiron’s wife rewarded personally by the Lich King, brought into the ranks of the Valkyr, after defeating her the adventurers will proceed into the halls of the pinnacle which are filled by undeads and corrupted vrykul alike. After encountering Skadi and impaling his proto-drake, our path will be open to King Ymiron, the king will try to reach out for his ancestors powers while battling us so watch out for their destructive force.

Forge of Souls

The Forge of Souls is located in the mighty citadel of Icecrown, one of the three available dungeons inside the citadel besides the raid, offering us a chain quest that will help the armies of Azeroth impair Lich King’s advance. The dungeon offers a perspective into how the Lich King torments souls and how he uses them to fuel the scourge war-machine, our adventurers will have to battle groups of undeads defending the forge, ultimately reaching its master, Bronjahm and destroying his craft. After defeating the forge’s master, the adventurers have to venture forth in order to bring an end to another abomination residing inside, the Devourer of Souls, a creature used by the Lich King and its former master Bronjahm in order to make sure not even a tiny Shrivel of a soul will escape his grasp.

Pit of Saron

Pit of Saron is located in the mighty citadel of Icecrown just like The Forge of Souls, being part of the chain quest it has two entrances, one outside the three dungeons and one at the end of Forge of Souls. The Pit of Saron is literally a mine that fuels the Lich King’s war-machine, having both undead and human prisoners working around the clock in order to supply his needs. The dungeon is filled with necromancers and their minions as standard mob packs, which can create some problems for the less experienced groups of adventurers, the first boss Ick Krick will provide you with some valuable information that will help you further into your journey, thus being executed for treason by the Scourgelord overseeing this mine. The second boss we will encounter is the giant smith, Garfrost, this boss is on the easy spectrum as far as bosses go but after defeating him you will be forced to battle a legion of undeads and crawl through a narrow tunnel while running away from the falling ice in order to reach Scourgelord Tyrannus. Scourgelord Tyrannus can prove to be a daunting encounter if the tactics are not properly respected, thus resulting in repetitive wipes, be careful and patient when you encounter this vile scourge fiend adventurers!

Halls of Reflection

The final dungeon in the chain quest, situated inside Icecrown Citadel, Halls of Reflection hide one of the Lich King’s most precious possessions, his beloved blade, Froustmourne. Our adventurers seeking answers in the attempt of ruining Lich King’s plans, seek communion with the blade in order to find hidden knowledge but they are abruptly stopped by Arthas himself. The dungeon has 2 prominent phases, the first one is made up of battling ten waves of resurrected souls from Froustmourne, the fifth and tenth wave being the boss fights, Falric, and respectively, Marwyn. The second phase is represented by the Escape from Arthas, while being aided by either Jayna Proudmore or Sylvanas Windrunner, the adventurers flee from the dark lord while fending off the countless waves of undead that seek to capture and kill the players.

Trial of the Champion

The Trial of the Champion is a dungeon located in Icecrown on the Argent Crusade’s grounds, an instance that is part of the Argent Tournament event, often called The Colosseum. The dungeon is part of the initiative of the Argent Crusade in order to find the most powerful Champions in preparation for the fight against the Lich King. The dungeon itself has three encounters, firstly our adventurers will have to prove themselves in mounted combat against the Grand Champions. After defeating the grand champions, the players will have to face either Eadric the Pure or Argent Confessor Paletress in order to further prove their result. The dungeon ends with the final encounter, the tournament itself being abruptly interrupted by the Black Knight, an agent of the Scourge that seeks to prove that there is no match for the forces of the Lich King.