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Metaverse and blockchain gaming affords Final Frontier with opportunities to earn while playing games and generate methods to earn rewards from contributions by employing teamwork, strategy, and ethos.


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Founding Member: "The Four Horsemen"
CEO & Guild Commander

Rickey aka "Ardo" has been playing MMO/RPG games since 2006 and has been involved with blockchain since 2017. In 2007, Rickey graduated from Purdue University, and in 2020 finished his 5th degree which also ended up being from Purdue. He is a recognized leader in NFT gaming, multiple-sport professional athlete, professional model, youth football and track coach, an active member of World of Warcraft and Star Atlas communities, and a council member of the UMO. He spent several years on active duty for the Marine Corps and Army as an infantryman and eventually as an officer and has also served as a paramilitary operator/contractor. He has experience with industrial design, engineering, criminal justice, logistics, intel, battlefield simulations, and several other backgrounds. Has a very experienced background in digital asset investment and cryptocurrency technical analysis.

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Star Atlas
Final Frontier Commander
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World of Warcraft: WoTLK
(Main Tank) Biggest Achievements/Titles: Immortal, Undying, The Faceless One, Twilight Vanquisher, Light of Dawn, AoTC: Heroic Archimonde, AoTC: Heroic N'Zoth, Keystone Master: Shadowlands

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