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Metaverse and blockchain gaming affords Final Frontier with opportunities to earn while playing games and generate methods to earn rewards from contributions by employing teamwork, strategy, and ethos.


Star Atlas Metaverse: North America


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Intel & Cyber Security

Identified as an emerging voice and specialist in the private intelligence community, Patrick works tirelessly to stay ahead of the curve in the ever changing digital and cryptocurrency investigative landscape. Patrick is a published contributor with the OSINT Curious Project, a designated industry professional with Team Searchlight, and has fulfilled requests to lecture at Ottawa, McGill and Harvard Universities. Patrick has a BSc from Saint Francis Xavier University, three professional certificates from Harvard University in computer science, and a collection of OSINT certifications from Belling Cat and Intel Techniques. With this experience, Patrick offers his services to a wide variety of clients including law firms, corporations, governments, and private citizens. In his downtime, Patrick enjoys playing the latest NHL and Madden games, managing his digital Zed Run stable, or playing a grand strategy game such as Total War Shogun 2.

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Star Atlas
Final Frontier Intel Analyst
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