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Metaverse and blockchain gaming affords Final Frontier with opportunities to earn while playing games and generate methods to earn rewards from contributions by employing teamwork, strategy, and ethos.


Star Atlas Metaverse: North America

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Logistics/Combat Engineering Officer

Starkiller grew up in California and has played MMO/RPG and strategy games for years. A Sergeant and Squad leader in the Marine Corps combat engineering field, Starkiller communicated and coordinated with infantry officers on a regular basis to effectively integrate Marines and complete whatever task was needed. He maintained responsibility for building defensive positions, explosives, breaching obstacles to facilitate the movement of infantry, as well as clear buildings with them and perform counter IED operations. Heads coordination of logistics, mining operations, transport, and defenses for Final Frontier. He is now off active duty and finishing his degree in electrical engineering, and currently maintaining a 4.0 GPA.

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Star Atlas
Final Frontier Logistics & Combat Engineering
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Gods Unchained
High-level NFT Collector

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